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About us

Welcome, to MediaBizz

Who are we?

MediaBizz is a UK based IT Consulting Company which was formed to deliver world class solutions with timely delivery and best quality. We commit to Indusry standard software solutions encompassing creative design, development and integration, interfacing concepts and application delivery. We are a young and experienced creative bunch who aspire to lead, innovate and excel in IT Innovation.

What do we do?

MediaBizz helps businesses plan, define and manage their Web & mobile system, providing inspiration and building intelligent business solutions. 

Working at a strategic and operational level, we deliver:

  • Web solutions,
  • Mobile solutions,
  • Cross platform solutions,
  • Marketing Solutions,
  • Design Solutions.

IT Consultancy

We are competent in understanding and studying customer's processes and workflows. This allows us to suggest valid solutions on change management to ensure delivery and productivity for our customers. We focus on delivering good solutions to suceed but let you decide on your on terms.


We are a group of technical experts with having many achievements in major corporations who and has have graduated from a highest ranking engineering and or business schools in the world. We bring you a wealth of practical market experience to meet our clients’'s requirements. We are experienced in Project Planning and Execution. Our team is known for their technical insight, fast debugging and quick learning skills. 


We always put our customers first! This enables us to provide solutions on marketing, finance, design, development,  production and customer service, etc. Our IT solutions are reasonably bug-free, have timely delivery, are within budget, meets requirements / expectations, and provide excellent maintenance.


Email Us

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



MediaBizz Ltd,

Springfield House
Laurelhill Business Park

Call Us

0800 566 8996

+44 77 26457174

+44 77 70234747

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